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20 December 2005 @ 02:53 pm

*Fanfic: Alison-- shaeberry
*Fanfic: Angel-- bronzin_it
*Fanfic: Angel/Collins-- aguynamedgoo
*Fanfic: Angel/Mark-- dontushiver
*Fanfic: April-- dramaturgy
*Fanfic: April/Mark-- celtic_maple
*Fanfic: April/Maureen-- workingforwings
*Fanfic: April/Roger-- lilchibibunny
*Fanfic: Benny-- t3h_falli
*Fanfic: Benny/Mark-- i_heart_my_geek
*Fanfic: Collins-- scots_in_kilts
*Fanfic: Collins/Mark-- robi0688
*Fanfic: Collins/Maureen-- discoapocalypse
*Fanfic: Collins/Roger-- lynxdaemon19
*Fanfic: General-- oncetwiceforevr
*Fanfic: Joanne-- weill
*Fanfic: Joanne/Mark-- cherie_morte
*Fanfic: Joanne/Roger-- mistress_britt
*Fanfic: Life Support-- valleyofangels
*Fanfic: The Man-- toxic_lady32
*Fanfic: Mark-- queenofthadorkz
*Fanfic: Mark/Roger-- rabidfangirlism
*Fanfic: Maureen-- misswritten
*Fanfic: Maureen/Joanne-- i_luv_piano_men
*Fanfic: Maureen/Mark-- thinkatory
*Fanfic: Maureen/Mimi-- wickedrent1013
*Fanfic: Maureen/Roger-- chewychicle
*Fanfic: Mimi-- enigma731
*Fanfic: Mimi/Mark-- rogerschica
*Fanfic: Mimi/Roger-- elizabeth_fae
*Fanfic: Roger-- marcal_92


*Fanart: Angel-- didaverseend
*Fanart: Angel/Collins-- pockyjunkie
*Fanart: General-- stablerbenson
*Fanart: Maureen-- mooooo_with_me
*Fanart: Mimi-- enigma731
*Fanart: Mimi/Roger-- _the_me_
*Fanart: Mark-- empathicfrost
*Fanart: Mark/Roger-- tolavieboheme
*Fanart: Roger-- marcal_92

ON HOLD (available to original requester if not claimed within a week)

*Fanart: Collins-- marcal_92 (12/28)


*Fanfic: Angel-- da_jew
*Fanfic: Angel/Mark-- alice____xx
*Fanfic: Angel/Collins-- donnanthebeast
*Fanfic: April-- chale
*Fanfic: April/Roger-- echelon_karen
*Fanfic: Collins/Mark-- scots_in_kilts
*Fanfic: General-- chrisii89
*Fanfic: Joanne-- chorusgirl
*Fanfic: Mark-- amethyst__angel
*Fanart: Mark-- topazera
*Fanfic: Mark/Roger-- oncetwiceforevr (1st)
*Fanfic: Mark/Roger-- love__fool(2nd)
*Fanart: Mark/Roger-- empathicfrost
*Fanfic: Maureen-- chorusgirl
*Fanfic: Maureen/Joanne-- shaeberry (1st)
*Fanfic: Maureen/Joanne-- gargyloveswolfy (2nd)
*Fanfic: Maureen/Mark-- discoapocalypse
*Fanfic: Maureen/Roger-- maureen_cohen
*Fanfic: Mimi-- cherie_morte(1st, if original is completed)
*Fanfic: Mimi-- haleyj_the_bat (2nd)
*Fanfic: Mimi/Mark-- enigma731
*Fanfic: Mimi/Roger-- alice____xx (1st)
*Fanfic: Mimi/Roger-- emmyniem (2nd)
*Fanfic: Roger-- echelon_karen(1st)
*Fanfic: Roger-- 6060_842(2nd)
Jenscots_in_kilts on March 18th, 2006 03:21 pm (UTC)
Hi. I have my first fic done for my claim of Collins but when I went to post, it wouldn't let me. I have checked and I did join the community. Do I have to ge approved for posting?

Greensmarcal_92 on March 18th, 2006 05:09 pm (UTC)
Soory bout that you have access now:)

Ginnyonedaymorelm on March 25th, 2006 12:49 am (UTC)
Um, Can I write general? Instead of a pairing. General or Roger, whichever I can.
My name is Ginny, and I write fanfic. I do some fanart, but I don't think I'll be posting any.
So, yes, that is all.
I WANNA SEE KATY PERRYafavoritemelody on June 20th, 2006 03:54 am (UTC)
Would it be possible to do a Mark/Roger friendship?